The Bread of Life


These are my best creation, Buttery Almond Bear Claws.

I love cooking. More specifically, I love to bake more than anything. I’ve never really given it much thought to why I love baking so much, aside from the reason I’ve become quite good at it.

I was making a batch of bread for my family today. I’ve gotten into the habit of baking a lot on the weekend, so we have things over the week. Plus, it’s a nice way to relax.

I was sitting there, listening to music, and gazing at my mixing bowl. All that was in it was yeast, sugar and water. It had fully proofed, with a beautiful light brown foam of yeast and carbon dioxide taking over the bottom of the bowl. I suddenly had an epiphany. In one thought, I finally really came to grips with my love of baking, and why I love healing as a Druid so much.


Yes, I'm a cookie AND mana monster.

As I looked upon my proofing yeast, I realized that for me, the thing that defines me as a resto Druid is Lifebloom.

Lifebloom has gone through quite a few changes in how it’s used since being introduced. The way I’m using it now is really my favorite application since I’ve been healing.

I see the spell and yeast dough as the same thing. It’s a gradual growth, only to have a large expansion at the end. In my view, druid healing is very similar to baking bread in general.

In both cases, you develop a feel for what is right, and have the confidence that your skills will result in a positive result. With baking, making sure you’ve proofed the yeast properly, and kneaded the bread to the right consistency goes a long way to how good of a loaf you bake.

With resto healing, it’s how you apply your HoTs, and how you have the confidence of your strategy that you will do your job in a fight.

I also have said the same thing about both baking and resto healing, “It’s really easy, once you get the feel for it.”

Now I must go tend to my bread. Like resto healing, bread still requires attention and love to make it the best that you can.


2 responses to “The Bread of Life

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  2. I really loved this post, and can completely relate to it, for me I feel like Wild Growth defines me as a person and a druid. I make sure as many people are taken care of as I can.

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