No, really. This time I mean it!

The same thing happens every tier I’ve raided.

I find myself saying things in raid chat like, “Sure, if no one needs that, I’ll take it for my Bear set.”

Laughter ensues, but the gear still goes to me. Abashed, I reply, “This time I mean it! I’m… I’m going to tank!”

A few months pass, and I inevitably find I’m having bank space issues. I survey my inventory and find the feral gear covered in dust. Ungemmed. Unenchanted. Unloved.

To the vendor they go, if they’re lucky. Some get the ignominious total deletion from the game. I console myself by thinking when I vendor something, it’ll reincarnate in the game in the future. It makes me feel better about being a wasteful slacker.

Honestly, I have intended to tank many times. I’ve rolled many alt druids with the sole intention of learning bear tanking. It lasts a little while, and they always end up Resto. I even have two Prot Pallies I’ve tried a few tanking excursions. It never clicked.

So, my guild wants to get a Herald of the Titans group together. If you’re not aware of this achievement, it’s defeating Algalon with the entire raid having gear obtainable from Ulduar 10 person modes (thus, iLevel 226 gear, 232 weapons) AND no member being above level 80.

A discussion began about who was choosing what, and our MT/RL Dee decided to bring her Bear into Ulduar and tank. At the time, we needed another tank or another healer.

I stated that I should bring my level 70 locked druid, Rosavin to 80, and I could tank.

“You mean HEAL, Rezz. Admit it!” Dee taunted.

I attempted to protest, but she was right. The temptation is too great to just slide into my healing robes and go tree-dancing. I can’t help it!

I decided that I had to choose a class that wouldn’t tempt me into sliding into a healing role. I had to get this monkey off my back. So, no druids, paladins…

This left me to choose between a DK and a Warrior. If I had to level another DK in the starting area, it’d be too soon. So, the Warrior wins!

I started to create my new hero. I imagined the best things of a warrior. The toughness. The determination. The resolve. The pigtails! Wait, pigtails? I’m on a roll, so I’ll let that pass. This time, I mean it!

I will be a raid tank!

With that, Vastant was born:

The pigtails give me +10 Adorable.

Vastant is a Latin variant of “Devastate”.


What? Don’t let the pigtails or freckles fool you. Vastant will crush you, and still be adorable.

Now that I’ve made the introductions, time to discuss the project. My goal is to level her strictly as Prot to 80. I will learn to effectively tank with minimal flailing (trust me, with recording all flailing here for humor generation). I will not avoid running dungeons because no one I know can run with me.

I will become good enough to earn the title:



Algalon, I am coming for *you*!

… I hope.

On a side note, I’m working on this real cool “Bandage Spec” that I think can do wonders. Yep!


To be continued…


6 responses to “No, really. This time I mean it!

  1. I can’t help but laugh at gnome/dorf tanks. “FEAR ME! I WILL BITE YOU IN THE ANKLES UNTIL YOU DIE FROM IT!” That said, she’s adooooooorable!

  2. I am a pure caster/healer type too, and have constantly struggled to make and keep SOMEONE in a tank spec. However, I have leveled and loved a goblin prot warrior. The tiny + vicious combo is definitely fun. (I haven’t been doing dungeons though, so I can’t say whether being short makes the sightlines-while-dragging-mobs-around even worse. But hey, screenful of boss kneecap is better than boss crotch! /motto of the tiny) Prot is a lot of fun for leveling, and with heirlooms on you’re both rolling in stats and easily able to outlevel your quests, so reduced tank damage is a complete non-issue.

    Best of luck to you! Hopefully having a goal in mind and a group that actually does need your tanking will help keep you on the wagon.

  3. Good luck! At least you’ll be cute while trying that new role 🙂

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