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RNB, resurrected? (I hope)

At the end of last week, I was messaged by Rilandune on Twitter and asked if I’d like to be a guest on The Twisted Nether Blogcast.

My first response was, “Sure, but why would you want to talk to me?”

After he talked me down for a bit, I figured that it didn’t hurt to sit down and yak it up with Fimlys and Hydra about social media and my extensive blog resume.

The discussion did get to the blog, and we had a discussion why I haven’t written more. My reasoning is that I felt I didn’t have the time. I didn’t want to put out a bad product. Great reasons. Right? Right?!

It was a great talk, and afterwards, as I was winding down from the excitement, I had a lightbulb go off over my head. I promptly turned it off, because do you think my house is made of electricity? Sheesh!

The thought I had really came from when I was talking about my blog name. Fimlys was mentioning the diary part was a logical thing, and that was it! I realized I was approaching my writing all wrong.

I don’t need to write super-long posts. In the interview, they said I was really good using the 140 character limit. I didn’t deny it. I am HILARIOUS.

However, why not apply that concept to here? I may have a seed of an idea, so why not jot it down here.

So, I hope to pop in here, write an entry, and go about my day. Sometimes, it’ll be about me being a noob. All right, most of the time it will be about me being a noob.

… So, hey, what about that rez? WHAT? WALK BACK? Fine. *stomps*