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Pocket Healer

NOTE: I wrote this on Tumblr, but it was lost to the scrolling monster. This is a little piece I felt like writing. Cynwise and I are a great team, so I just wanted to flesh it out a bit.


I was running through the open field, sprinting towards the base. Suddenly, I see a red banner running towards me.

“Help me!” the desperate rogue gasped.

I grunted, spun and followed him, healing him while he was surrounded by enemies. Suddenly, he burst forward, and I was temporarily stuck.

“You fool! Stay near me!” I growl.

I see orcs, blood elves and who knows what else pounce upon him. I streak forward, only to hear him gasp his last breath. My mouth curls in a grim smile, my teeth gleaming.

“Sorry, m’boy. Allow me to get back to my business at hand.”

I spring forward, darting through the fog of war. Blades slice at me, I feel the burn of magic upon my body. I grimace, and pour healing energy into myself. The more they attack, the more I enjoy it, I’ve found.

I peer up, and there she is, 30 yards away, if it was a foot. She was running about, casting spells as carefree as a gnome in a junkyard. I leap forward, sensing that she is weakening. I quickly heal her, and she glances my direction.

“How was your tea and cookies, m’lady?” She clicked her tongue.

“Shush, you. I was trying to save a fool from an early grave. He was too thick to realize it, so here I am.” I feel the heat of a blast of fire upon my fur, and I cringe. “Bloody hell, get them off of me!”

“I will do that, just as soon as I am finished making smoke monsters in the sky,” she said in a calm tone. She then laughed, and suddenly my attacker falls in a tremendous burst of fire.

There is a brief moment of calm, and we survey the room. It’s a dreary place, still smoldering from Cyn’s antics. I sniff.

“Would you stop that damnable sniffing?” she said.

I start to sniff again, but then stop, being aware of who I am. I look down for a moment, but then chuckle.

We sit in silence a few moments, when suddenly, we are surrounded by the enemy. We stand back-to-back, and nod. Suddenly, we unleash an attack, and the enemy is attacking us with all of their powers. I think to myself that this may be the time we won’t make it, but I push that aside as I feel the comforting sting of a sword slicing at my leathers.

I spin around and deeply curtsey. “A dance, guv?”

The orc Death Knight roars, and attacks. I dance away from him, making sure I do not stray to far from my partner. I continue to keep my and her strength up while the orc furiously attacks me. His compatriots join in the fight, I hear something that does not sound very polite, and it makes me laugh out loud.

I continue dancing, and watching as Cyn continues to pummel our dance partners. I’m jumping, biting, casting spells and annoying everyone. Well, everyone but Cyn and myself.

I get into a frenzy of attacking and healing, that I suddenly look about for an attacker, but I find the room silent. We stand amongst the fallen, and we smile a tired smile. The battle has been won.

We’re sitting in the common room in Sliverwing Hold, having a well-earned drink.

“That was quite a scrap just before, you’re lucky I was there to save you from those horrible, smelly Horde,” I say. I grin at Cyn, exposing my sharp teeth, still stained with the blood of the enemy.

“You are disgusting at times,” Cyn said, wrinkling her nose. “Ain’t anything going to die without me around, mind you.”

I laugh. “You can’t deny me a little bite now and then. It’s only for the best reasons.”

The clarion call goes out. I hoist myself up, look over my leather, all nicked and stained. I grin.

“Let’s get back to work, my friend.”

We step out onto the battlefield.